Calling all creatives!

Contribute to our digital fleet and try your hand at decorating your own ship.

As part of this year’s Big Draw event, the Trawling Through Time project is seeking to create an online fleet of ships based on the Cook, Welton and Gemmell Shipbuilder’s plans.

Digitally paint your ship or print it out and decorate by hand (just don’t forget to send us a photo!)

Step 1) Choose your ship:

Yorkshire Belle

BIGDRAW Yorkshire Belle

Arctic Corsair

BIGDRAW Arctic Corsair

Step 2) Save the image onto your device (eg. tablet, PC).

Step 3) Open the image in any paint software, or print the plan to decorate by hand.

Step 4) Decorate your ship- unleash your creative side.

We would love to exhibit your ship design!
If you would like your ship to be displayed on this blog’s gallery page, please email across your digital design or a photograph of your printed ship design to

Don’t forget to name your ship and have fun drawing!

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